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FileMaker Services

Application Development

We develop specialized FileMaker solutions based on the individual clients' needs and specifications.

  • Development of new solutions
  • Redevelopment of older database solutions
  • Modification of existing FileMaker solutions, rapports, and scripts


When initiating development projects we provide assistance with the development of the pre-analysis with a detailed requirement specification and project oriented time plan.

Integration solutions

We help our clients with integration solutions in connection with FileMaker and other applications. For example:

  • Use of FileMaker with the internet
  • Creation of database access from internal mail and conference systems

Delivery and migration

We deliver both FileMaker Pro single user and FileMaker Pro Server, as well as a number of relevant 3rd party products for, for example, internet integration. In connection with delivery we offer installation of standard systems and database conversions at hourly rates or by offer.


We offer help for moving data, problem solving, and database optimization.


More information

www.claris.com   www.filemaker.com

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