Welcome to Rabbe Consult a/s, 23-07-2024

Rabbe Consult a/s

Who is Rabbe Consult

Rabbe Consult has many years of experience in computer solutions. Combined with an in-depth theoretical knowledge of computer networks and the internet this ensures that our counselling is based on a solid technical foundation and takes into consideration the broad spectrum of possibilities and solutions available today.

Solutions for the Future

Our goal is to participate in the establishment of solutions which take advantage of modern technlogy's broad scope of possibilities.

We aim for solutions which comply with the users' and the company's demand for user friendliness, flexibility, and the freedom to choose the tools and platforms best suited for each task.

This is done by counselling which not only shows how existing equipment and systems are best taken advantage of, but also the possibilities of and methods to combine this with new equipment and software.

The Right Choice

We do proffesional counselling within the following fields:

  • IT-Strategy
  • Communication
  • Network
  • Client/Server solutions

As examples of this we can mention: Development of IT-strategies, aid in connection with managing and completing public procurements, implementation of web-servers and electronic conference and mail systems.

In short - customised solutions!

Rabbe Consult develop and re-sell a number of proffessional programs which cover the needs of most companies. Programs which are made up of base modules, and a possibility of customising the program for the individual company.

FileMaker Pro

Since 1993, Rabbe Consult has completed assignments for a large number of organisations as well as both large and small companies.clients