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KongresMaster is the ideal management system for planning and arranging conferences, symposiums, meetings, courses etc. In KongresMaster the konference, meeting or course is defined with all assosciated events and resources. Information about each individual participant only needs to be entered once.

Automatic Data Transfer

All additions, corrections and edits are automatically transfered to all lists, confirmations, lables etc. This ensures an immediate overview of the whole event or of the individual participant.

KongresMaster includes hotel, person, and company databases, where hotel and person data can be saved from one event to the next. There are three versions of KongresMaster - for one konference at a time, three simultaneous conferences, or an unlimited number of conferences.

KongresMaster is developed in FileMaker Pro and runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. The program can run either as a single user system, or in a server version where several employees have access to updating the system.

Free Trial

Contact us for a 30 day free trial of KongresMaster.

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