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FileMaker Pro

FileMaker Pro is one of the world's most widely used database programs. With FileMaker Pro it is possible to develop solutions satisfying all needs from simple database systems to ad hoc tasks to large complex solutions.

Variable Solutions

FileMaker Pro is appropriate for a large number of different solutions. It can be applied to shared business databases which are widely used throughout the company, and at the same time allow the individual users to develop their own specified databases.

Examples of FileMaker Pro's many uses

  • Time/case systems integrated with calender systems
  • Sales management
  • Management of intenet information
  • Contact database
  • Telephon management
  • Support registration and follow-up
  • Hotel and reservation systems

FileMaker Pro's strength lies in the uncomplicated developing format which both helps the unpracticed user to get started, and means that the development of large complicated solutions can be completed quickly.

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More Information

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