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FirstClass is an effective communications system which integrates personal e-mail with group and web functionality. FirstClass is unique by not only offering person-to-person mail, but also many-to-many communication with the same user-friendly interface.

Size Independant

FirstClass was launched in the beginning of the 1990's. According to independent studies it is today one of the most widely spread products across the world in e-mail and groupware products. In Denmark FirstClass is used by small orginizations/companies for local and networked systems, by large organization for closed company systems (intranet systems) and large open information and exchange systems.

All-in-One System:

  • Complete e-mail system.
  • Groupconferences for electronic discussions, data and information exchange.
  • Calender
  • Database access
  • Access to network, internet, or dial-up connection
  • Internet integration
  • Gateways to other e-mail systems
  • Intuitive, grafic, multi-tasking user interface

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