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BookingMaster is a resource and event management program for museums, amusement parks and the like. BookingMaster includes a monthly and daily calender which makes use of color coding to highlight free and booked resources. Events can be booked directly from the calender.

Simple Interface

All information pertaining to a booking is collected in a single form. Entries and corrections need only be made on one form. The information is automatically transfered to confirmations, internal and external orders, resource overviews, lables etc.

Each booking is automatically registered in the client database. There are 2 versions of BookingMaster - with and without calender. BookingMaster is developed in FileMaker Pro, and runs on both Windows and Macintosh platforms. The program can run either as a single user system or in a server version where several users have access to updating the system.


Contact us for a demo of BookingMaster.

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