Welcome to Rabbe Consult a/s, 13-04-2024

Rabbe Consult a/s


The internet is a versatile medium under constant development. It can be difficult to decide how best to take advantage of its many possibilities. Outside assistance is often necessary to clarify connection options, analysis of the company's needs, implementation of solutions and so on.

Rabbe Consult has a lot of experience with the internet. We analyse the company's needs and advise with regard to selection of solutions, architecture, and design. We install web-servers, firewalls, and other internet-related servers. We can advise about choice of tools for creating and maintaining web content and we can educate your users and adminstrators in the use of these, and we also help to find solutions which simplify maintenence of web content.

Likewise we can advise and educate in the necessary administrator tools. We offer help for problem solving, capacity surveilance, and optimization.

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