Welcome to Rabbe Consult a/s, 30-05-2024

Rabbe Consult a/s


Rabbe Consult has developed a number of database solutions, from small single-user solutions in FileMaker or Access to large SQL-based solutions. Many of our databse solutions are integrated with other systems or an inter/intranet.

We have also developed systems directly coded in C/C++, based on a very intensive use of ODBC and highly effective SQL commands. We have experience with a number of databse products, including: Access, FileMaker, 4th Dimension, FrontBase, and microsoft SQL-server.

Examples of database solutions developed by Rabbe Consult:

  • Time/case systems integrated with calender systems
  • Sales og client managment systems (CRM systems)
  • Management of internet information
  • Advertisement database for the internet
  • Contact database
  • Telephone management
  • Support registration and follow-up
  • Hotel and reservation systems

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